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  1. Is that lever on a FNR gearbox mounted on the rear axle? Have not seen one like that if so. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I'm betting it is a Taiwan made 2 stroke 90. If so they were sold under many names (Dinli, DRR, Manco etc) I have a Manco that I used Polaris 90 parts when I rebuilt the engine. Id suggest removing some of the plastic covers off the engine and see if you find an engine model number
  3. Wow, thank you! It is a 2014. I lightly used Super Lube in there, partly because I use it on my Can Am Outlander primary and it will not sling out. It stays put quite well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Did an oil change. Don’t seem to have any after effects from the fuel in the crankcase. Played with the jets some more and have it the best it’s been so far. 38 pilot and a 135 main IIRC. Now the midrange is stumbling. I’m not giving up! My older son keeps saying “sell it”! I do not like being whipped by something I’m sure I can resolve Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Doesn’t sound like a good environment for novice teens. Thanks for the info Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Excellent starting point. Can’t wait to start going through it and see what the issue is. Thank you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. It’s a 2005. I used generic carbs. First was a flat slide type PWK in 26 or 28mm (can’t recall) but I believe it was too big. Been told those flow a lot more air and I couldn’t even get the jets close to right on that one. Second was a generic PE24. The original was a 24mm. I’ve tried a lot of jet configurations and got this one pretty close but it stumbles in the mid range. I can get the stumble out but then it stumbles on the high end. Bad news is this carb’s float got stuck the last two nights I worked on it. I corrected though. The needle was sticking in the float tab and causing it to stick. However, I was tuning it last night and noticed the engine was getting a bit noisier (it’s a total and they all seem noisy) than usual and checked the oil. Dang crankcase is full of fuel and oil mixture. Next I’ll drain and refill and cross fingers it’s not damaged before I tune it more. I’m leaning towards using another PWK but in 21mm. Thinking if the PWK’s flow more than average air so it may equal the original 24 round slide. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Recently picked up a Sportsman 90 with a bad transmission / gearbox. I had to rebuild the gearbox with all new bearings. It had been run underwater and the bearings were all rusted. Also tore into the secondary clutch and replaced the bearings in there. The primary (variator) seemed ok but I cleaned it and lubed the needle bearing with Super Lube. The issue i'm have is when riding it or revving it up, the front primary makes a load whine when it gains some speed. Is this normal? Other than the needle bearing in the primary, i dont see what else could be causing all the noise. thanks in advance for any help
  9. Picked up a Phoenix 200 yesterday with no spark. Have not had a chance to do any diagnosing yet. I am curious if anyone has had any common "no spark" issues with these machines before I tear into it. Thanks for any help
  10. Picked up a non running Rally awhile back. Didn't realize it was a white elephant. Only made for about 4 years. The card was so degraded that the jet towers were crumbling. Turns out that card was only produced for that single engine, which was only produced for those few years. What a nightmare. I have tried several generic carbs and it has been a tuning nightmare. It runs and is a strong little machine that is perfectly sized for teenagers, but man I am turning grey trying to get it running right. Anyone have any experience with this model?
  11. Always thought it would be fun to take the kids riding at Uhawrie but I have never been myself. Is it an area for novice teenagers or should it be avoided?
  12. Those just dont seem very useful lifted that high. Good for deep water only
  13. I doubt that it was unharmed. i bought one that had been swamped and the gear box oil looked like straight muddy / greasy goo. It wouldn't function at all. Required a full rebuild. The vent lines on the gear box are way to short so i ran them under the from panel, but in this guys case that would not help. The engine also had a rod knock. Found the bearings scored from the water intrusion.

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