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  2. "Closed for the season" after 2013 and never re opened. In 2014 they were looking for a private company to take it over but I don't believe anyone ever did Opened 2013: https://www.capemaycountyherald.com/lifestyle/sports_and_recreation/article_1144c48f-63ae-5bcd-84d8-b3919ec8e941.html Looking for new operator 2014: https://www.capemaycountyherald.com/news/government/article_5e58daa0-d845-51e5-84ce-4738a0a01280.html
  3. Worst part about them is their lack of value, which is a great thing at the same time. On one hand you can get all lt 230s parts and part bikes for cheap in comparison to other machines. But you'll never really get your money back should you decide to sell it.
  4. Most cost effective would probably be a complete kit through a site sponsor here, at suzukicentral.com, or ebay
  5. Sounds good to me. I'm trying to get back into riding providing time allows
  6. Anything can be done with a little basic fab work. May want to look into what they did in the golden era of hybrids when they stuffed the 426/450 motors in the 250r and 400ex chassis. This was in the early 2000's pre yfz and trx 450 days. Fenders typically got cut to clear the kicker, sometimes an extension would be made to push it out, or a smaller kicker from another motor would be used.
  7. Currently no state ORV parks in nj even though there are supposed to be 3...
  8. That's typically what I do... reach over and use my middle finger for the throttle
  9. I know this topic is from last year, but I'm new to the forum. I'm just across the border in NJ and would be interested. I see the KFX as your profile pic, are these 60 acres sport quad friendly or more tailored to a utility? Most of my stuff is lower and wider to where if its rocky / washed out terrain (like lost trails) that I'd probably avoid it. But I am definitely looking for some new riding spots that hopefully have slightly wider open trails.
  10. Older topic I know, but I have both the Craftsman ATV lift, and Motocross brand ATV X Stand. I prefer the X stand, but it works best with sport quads. For utilities you need either the craftsman lift type, or harbor freight makes an affordable lift table that could be used as well.
  11. Unfortunately there is no public lands in NJ that are currently legal to ride on. NJ is supposed to have 3 ORV parks per statutes, but of course its not a priority as none have existed for quite a few years. Only way to legally ride currently in NJ is with permission on private property.

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