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  1. I like the netting on this way better than the doors on some of the other models. BA!
  2. I see you, too, like to live dangerous sans helmet
  3. Ryan Reese

    First one hander

    Duuuude.... way cool. Is that an index finger? or....
  4. Ryan Reese


    Hah! That's a muddy bike. I love it.
  5. I have a cable hooked permanently to the battery terminals and ran out the back of the bike to a trickle charge plugin- so when I'm done for the weekend I can just plug it right into the wall. Is this a pretty common thing? Is it safe to do this? I ask because I recently found my battery emptied of fluid and a nice puddle of acid on the shop floor. I think it was an old battery, but I don't want to break another one.
  6. I forget how I did it, but Google Maps has a feature where you can draw on a map and save that map off... it's basically an overlay. Useful for printing, too. Easy to get lost in the desert.
  7. Following. Always curious to see how these restorations turn out. Hoping to do some work on my 220 soon, too- maybe I'll pick up some tips
  8. When I was a young one my folks were heavy into "Rock hounding" so we'd go riding out in the middle of the desert looking for petrified wood and rocks. I rode on front of my dad's big old Suzuki before finally getting a hand-me-down 80's Honda with no shocks.
  9. Thanks for this! Mine has been sitting in the shop for a while and it's time to get it fixed up... This and the repair manual will be insanely helpful

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