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  2. 1997 honda foreman what is best oil other than honda oil bought atv sercond hand dont know what was used prev. give lots of sugg. and why ???????? thanks atv people:frown:
  3. If it sounds like it's trying to turn over but can't, change out your starter. Mine had a brand new battery and still seemed as if the batter was low or dead, I changed out the starter and it fired right up.
  4. wow !!! that worked you are alsome got to ride the ex atv super fast thanks again for helping!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I just recently bought a 400ex 440 bore, wisco pistons, and a hotcam in it. Quad runs great, however, it's hard to get started. It has the stock starter on it, brand new battery, and we have eliminated that the starter cylinoid is bad. It will however crank over with a battery charger that is on 12v Start Engine selection. Why is it doing this? It roll starts no problem. Do you need a hotter starter with the 440 bore? Need help asap. Thanks.

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