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  1. Need to change bearings on buddy's rear axle of a 1986 200x. We got the beast to run. But the rear bearings are shot. Got the c clip and nuts off but this spline axle thread nut is rusted solid. Any Ideas on how to it to budge? I would cut it off but Can't find a replacement any where. See Schematic Part number 7 below. I can't get it to slide off the axle. Tried heat and Pb Blaster nothing. won't budge. If anyone has a lead on where to find the part I would just cut it off. thanks,
  2. Got myself another project. Got it running only to find it has a transmission problem. now I am trying to rebuild it but problem is the bolt that holds on the pull start recoil gear. Any ideas if this is left threaded or right threaded. Left loosy or righty tighty. Thanks. Hender
  3. 2014 Polaris shouldn't have to many problems. I would check to see if exhaust is starting to rust. and check if it has ever been rolled. probably not but you never know. other than that with out taking it apart hard to tell what belts look like.. I know some of the older models had some electrical issues.
  4. I always find the part number from partzilla then search ebay and amazon and other places based on partnumber. 31200-HB3-003
  5. I Have done the Red kote to seal a 88 fourtrax 300 and even with the second coat it still is trying to leak on me. I would go with a new tank or Plastic one.

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