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  2. I tried adjusting the clutch like you suggested, and no matter how I adjusted it the quad wouldn't go into neutral while holding the shift lever up. Im assuming my clutch is toast?
  3. Thanks for the response, gangle. I tried what you said, but when I shift into first and keep the lever up it pulls forward like its in gear. However, I took it for a quick spin and it seemed to shift fine through all the gears. I wasnt able to ride it very long due to some carb issues, but it seemed ok. I changed the oil with Rotella T6 5w40 and also changed the fluid in both diffs, after I get my carb kit I should be able to take it out for a ride and post an update.
  4. Hey guys, I was just given a yamaha big bear 350 by my neighbor, and I need some guidance. This quad has definitely lived a hard life but I would like to breathe a little life back into it. It starts up and idles great, and shifts into first fine, but its having a really tough time getting into any gear higher than 1st. When I am able to shift it into a higher gear the shifter gets hung up until i push it back down with my foot. My plan as of now is just to change all the fluids, and adjust the clutch according to the manual and see if that helps at all. Any other ideas are very much appreciated. Also, I cant find a VIN# anywhere on the thing, but I think its a 1997. Its an "SE" 4x4 with the h/l/r selector right next to the engine.
  5. Hey guys, my friend purchased a used (and abused) Raptor 660r and left it in my possession while he's over in Germany with the army. As a thank you to him for letting me use it while he's gone I'd like to get it tuned up and checked out for him, any idea what this would cost at the dealer? It's a 2003 Raptor 660r with some kind of full exhaust, and I'm unsure about any other engine mods. At the very least I'd like to get the oil changed, new spark plug, new air filter, and get everything inspected and adjusted.

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