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  1. Thank you. I'm excited to have access. My first 4x4 and I could use that manual
  2. The clutch cover goes on and fits, but the little L chapped arm that has gear slots is concerning me. It appears it goes to wear the clutch adjust bolts are on the cover. Is there a specific way to tell how it mounts on the gears in relationship with the basket? I don't want to deal it up unless it's right
  3. Be sure to clean ground surfaces and power connections.
  4. Might be able to just bend it back temporarily
  5. My byou finally got running after I rebuilt the carb. I took it for a trail ride, and finished by riding her pretty hard up a dirt hill. At the peak of the hill it dropped out of gear, and had to be pushed home. It will still start, and idle. When I apply throttle it revs really high, and no matter what gear it is put into, it will rev high and take a few moments after i release the throttle to wine down. I have pulled the clutches out, and it does appear the centrifugal clutch is worn. I took the dremel to it, and tried to get some relief lines back in there. Before I reassemble and test, does anyone know if this is even a clutch issue? or possibly transmission/case related. also can I make a gasket out of cardboard and Indian head just to test after cutting grooves in centrifugal clutch?
  6. Having same problem. Took the clutch cover off and currently inspecting the centrifugal clutch. Worn down.
  7. Will I automatically qualify for the manual after 10 posts?

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