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  1. I believe it's gas. It doesn't smoke much at all when it runs...what little there is appears black when first starting. Last year replacing the air filter seemed to help. Since then I've cleaned it regularly. It does run better with it off...are they all this touchy with the air filter? First 4 wheeler we've owned. When I tried starting it with the air cleaner off, some gas came out in the air cleaner compartment. I'm not sure what the connection would be between valve clearance and carb issues, but have seen that conversation elsewhere on here? There is a link on here for free service manuals, but they only go back to 2003 for my 300. Is that close enough for things like valve clearance? Part of me just wants to throw in the towel and buy a new carb...
  2. I have posted about this machine before...took it into the shop and spent a couple hundred bucks... they adjusted the carb and put a new plug in. It ran well for a few weeks and now runs rough again. Today the plug was fouled, so I cleaned it well and got it started again, but after a few minutes it was running rough again. I have read about adjusting valves...would that impact my problem? If so, is there a post that describes how?
  3. I have a 2000 Arctic Cat 300 that starts fine and runs fine at low rpms. It puts out black smoke and cuts out at high rpms. The plug looks black and fouled like it is running too rich. Putting the choke on when riding at the highest rpm it will run smoothly at seems to make no difference. I have taken the choke apart, and it seems to operate ok. Is there a way to "lube" the choke so it slides more easily? what am I missing?

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