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  1. just an exhaust tip (which is really nice)
  2. what other cheap mods could i do? i don't wanna put much money into it, because I'll prolly sell it in a year and get a kfx450r.
  3. what's the differnce between them?
  4. I'm looking at a rev box right now for the 400, but I'm not sure if this is the way to go. Is extending the RPM range like this bad on my engine? Does anyone else on here have any experience with them? Thanks
  5. ok, I'm not gonna get a IRS before I test ride one first. I like how easy turning is on the straight axle.
  6. wait, how would the predator 500 ground clearence compare to the outlaw's? That could be an option if it was a newer one.
  7. we'll be open to either, whichever is the nicest and best deal.
  8. we'd be looking for one around dec or jan and my dad wants to get a scrambler or mabey wolverine and if i can get a hold of a outlaw 500 or 525 then we'll sell the 400.
  9. I know that different companies measure they're quads at different places and therefore the ground clearences can be quite different. Does the outlaw 525 have the same/simular ground clearence to the 400? I need something with the ground clearence of the 400, but a little more guns. thanks!
  10. it prolly depends on the bike, but I positive i had a noticable gain in power. Did you get it off ebay?
  11. I don't have any pics, but believe me, it looks pretty nice.
  12. ok, I made up my mind. I'm gonna ride my dad's DVX instead of getting a new one, and he'll just get a wolerine 450 or mabey scrambler 500. We just put a exhaust power tip on it and i love it, it's got just the amount of power I wanted and sounds great too.
  13. Just got an exhuast power tip for the 400, and it really opened it up. I used to think it wasn't very fast at all, but now this thing's got snort! You can get them on ebay for almost any quad and they include the bolts and a spark arrestor screen. If you're looking for noticablly more power and give your quad a mean exhuast note, you should check these out. Worth every bit of 30 bucks.
  14. wait, so a yfz would have that much or more if measured in the front and overall better clearence?
  15. okay, I was reading and looking at many reviews and specs on the yfz450 and ltr450. Everyone raves about how the yfz450 is one of the best quads ever made, but then the specs came. 4.4 inches of ground clearence and I ride trails? the ltr has 9.4 inches and is fuel injected. that was the icing on the cake for me, I'm gonna go for a LTR450!
  16. a 400 is not an option for me, not near enough the pull up through the RPM range. thanks dirt, will that tire combo require new wheels as well, and how much does it rise it?
  17. I think i'm gonna look at yfz450's and ltr450's. thanks!
  18. what cc 4 stroke would a stock banshee be the most simular is power/speed?
  19. I ride a 07 CRF250R motocross bike right now and am looking for a quad that I'd just use for trail riding. I rode my dad's DVX400 and I'd like just a little more guns than that. I would prefer reverse and good top end pull, but they're not a must. I had in mind either a outlaw 450, 500, or 525, any 450 race quad, or possibly a stock banshee. Are these good choices for me? We're looking to spend a little over 3k at the most. Suggestions?
  20. ok, I think i naturally lean foward when i slide, so i dont think it'll be a problem
  21. so if i just lean foward a little more, it will be just as easy?
  22. I read on a different site that the body wait just wants to shift to the one side, which makes sense. For that reason, I might just end up having to get a straight axle.

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