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  1. Yeah, I havent gotten to ride lately do due fracturing a vertebrate at work. I like nellis though not much dunes but great for a fix. I should be going back to work soon so that means riding too. Cant wait! A buddy of mine wants to go ride out at the Jean dry lake bed this weekend but Im going to wait till Im working again before I get back on the bike.
  2. Does the 50 sit on the same chassis as the 90 does? It looks as though the foot pads are a bit higher then the bottom of the frame. Does it have remote kill?
  3. Im game to meet new people to ride with, I know a couple of guys to ride with that I work with but they ride dirtbikes. When we go out its usually family orinated cuz my wife rides also and we have a 2 1/2 year old son. Were in the works on getting up to Coral Pink sometime soon.

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