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  1. It's in pretty good shape otherwise, over the weekend tearing the case off and checking the flywheel key , hoping that is my issue now have good strong spark , good compression and good fuel still wont pop off
  2. junk to keep running but alot of fun and an easy fix with no timing bs if they do pop ha
  3. ha, i love the old quadracers had 4 of them back the 90s 3 250s and a 500 ... wish i could find one again
  4. working in healthcare seeing all i have seen , yes i am very over it
  5. nice i am a big fan of the 570 motor it is a strong motor , i had a 2012 rzr 570 with over 10000 miles on it when i sold it , motor was solid
  6. It's a 2 stroke so it wouldn't have a timing chain
  7. thank you , i bought both of the 110s in pieces and got them both going but not without problems , still have a few pieces to get and a few issues to fix but it seems to be the normal with those , i love my pioneer i am on my 2nd one now
  8. thank you for the welcome forgot to say i am in Wisconsin and i ride as often as i can 4000 miles last summer
  9. i have been repairing a 99 kodiak 400 since last fall , i bought it with a completely melted wire harness i went through repaired it and got it running , then lost spark i have now replaced the whole harness and got spark back with a new coil as well , cleaning the carb now , hoping it will fire back up after
  10. is it an automatic ? what are you running for gearing ? to me the 110s are geared to high
  11. i currently have a 99 kodiak 400 and a 2021 honda pioneer 1000 and two 110 china atvs , i have rode atvs for 20+ years and now am starting to fix up some for my kids

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