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China virus


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I'm tired of people ignoring the sensible  precautions to  limit the spread of the virus that families of over 500.000 Americans have learned that it is no  joke. We all are tired of the pandemic that did not need to hit North America as hard as it  has.  Be thankful if you and your loved ones have not suffered from it.

I will be getting the vaccine as soon  as it is available to me, and  I very much look foreward to the day it is over.  Deniers have turned a virus strain first found in Wuhan,  labeled  it the China virus (  which now  some research  has said it has possibly  first arisen in Europe years ago in a  less infectious form  before mutating in Wuhan )  and turned it into  a very much  American virus when you compare  infection and death rates world wide.

It is not the flu.  It is not a cold . It  is a highly infectious virus  that  has fortunately  not proven as deadly  as  the one that  caused AIDS  or the Ebola virus that thankfully  was  controlled before it got the chance to become   a pandemic  with  a near 100 percent death rate . Enjoy your "freedoms".  Too bad they include risking killing your neighbour because you don't like the inconvenience of taking the precautions  needed to  help get it  under control.   Pray  you or your loved ones don't get it  and learn just  how bad it can be.

Be very thankful when  it  is  over despite  the ignorance  of the deniers.

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@davefrombc There are always going to be two sides and the science/facts are that most will get over it. However, I do take it seriously because you just never know if you or a loved one will be affected worse than someone else, especially if you have an underlying illness. But in most cases, there are people that get it and get real sick (some not at all), but get over it. Unfortunately, I know of those that have not gotten over it as well.

To stay on topic here, I think people in general are tired of masks, social distancing, remote school, etc. It's a year already, its too long. Its covid fatigue.



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On 2/27/2021 at 10:31 AM, quadmaniac said:

@davefrombc There are always going to be two sides and the science/facts are that most will get over it. However, I do take it seriously because you just never know if you or a loved one will be affected worse than someone else, especially if you have an underlying illness. But in most cases, there are people that get it and get real sick (some not at all), but get over it. Unfortunately, I know of those that have not gotten over it as well.

To stay on topic here, I think people in general are tired of masks, social distancing, remote school, etc. It's a year already, its too long. Its covid fatigue.  

We are very lucky the virus so far  has severely affected so few of the ones infected by it.  The reality of  viruses  is they  are only  one or two mutations away  from becoming a much more serious  and contagious  form.  The more people infected by a virus, the greater chance those mutations could occur.  We are  ALL  sick and tired of the virus and the steps needed to try to  limit its spread. Had more listened to the pros and taken the steps to limit it , it  is very possible it would not have reached the levels it has .   New Zealand and  Australia  are  the best examples of that  in the  "Free World",  and  in  China  which is far from  our  vision of a free world and where the virus  first went  into a pandemic  has it  under control to the point they  are able to relax a lot of their restrictions. Those are demonstrable facts that support my opinion.  As I said in a previous  post in the thread ..  Science is based on facts and  can change when new  facts are presented.  Opinions are based on  belief, and as such are not easily  changed by  facts. Some find it  easy to  change opinion  when  facts contrary to their belief are presented , but far too many refuse to even  consider any  fact that doesn't support their belief,  and as such  will  not  change their opinion.  In my 77 years I have had my opinion changed more than  once  by facts presented that were contrary to  my belief at the time .

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I’ve had it and the worst part about it was no taste and smell. I’ve also lost people to it, so I understand that part of it too. The masks are a joke though. If they won’t stop dust when blowing of equipment then how do people expect them to stop a virus. Especially when most people don’t even wear them correctly. A virus has to run its course and we have to develop herd immunity in my opinion. Running the economy in the ground and pinning neighbor against neighbor is the main goal and outcome from this virus. It is a deadly disease but we need to take a stand and get the country back up and going.  Just a little rant. Y’all have a good one.  

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Masks are not a joke. The way people wear them , and more importantly,  refuse to wear them is - a very bad joke.

You were one of the lucky ones.  Over  500,000 Americans were the unluckiest, and many more will have life long problems because of it .

The economy  is not being "run into the ground"  anywhere.  Yes,  people are hurting, many are  losing their homes, but when this  pandemic is brought under control the economy will rebound at an astonishing rate.  Fact is , if people had listened to the science and taken the recommended precautions there would have been far fewer deaths and the restrictions would never have had to reach the levels they have for as long as they have. The  proof of that  lies in the countries that did take the pandemic seriously right from the start , most notably  New Zealand and Australia.  Even China  where the pandemic first broke out  has got it under much greater control than we have .. Had the   government there admitted  the problem  right from the beginning , it might never have made the spread it  has.

Viruses do not "need to run their course". If vaccines and safety precautions are useless then  we'd still be  blessed  with such  horrible viruses as  Small Pox  and  Polio which crippled and killed so  many in my  youth until a vaccine came  out and stopped it.

Be extremely thankful the  Ebola  virus was contained and a vaccine  has been developed against it . Had that one  turned into a pandemic the results would have been  particularly  horrible,  making COVID  really look  like  no  more than a bad cold. Seeing people  die a bloody  mess has a lot more effect  than seeing them  die from COVID  complications.   Be extremely thankful  modern science and the medical community was able  to  contain  Ebola  and develop vaccines as fast as they have. 

We will have our  herd immunity when  enough people are vaccinated and the rest take reasonable  precautions until then.  I will  exercise  my  freedom to  do so until I can get the vaccine .  I am  not willing to sacrifice any of my family, friends  or community needlessly to  let  the virus "run its course"  for the sake of the "economy".   Sick people  buy very little, dead ones even  less.

History  can tell  you what happened to the "economies" of  native populations of  North America  and elsewhere when  outbreaks of Smallpox  occurred  for the best example  I  can think of.

By the way ,  masks block  moisture  much better than  dry dusts  and both are stopped by a properly worn  mask.

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ive had both strains of covid19.  honestly, id rather have it over the flu.  if the numbers which the media say are true i must be in a zone hardly affected by covid........and yet im told by the media i live in a red zone (right next to a college with approximately 1/3 of its students being foreign).  i believe what i see with my eyes and i cant say that i know anyone thats died from covid or come close and i have a lot of friends, a very big extended family with cousins in multiple other states and one or two out of the country.  the media is BSing us all and the government will run with it until people stop giving in to lies

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12 hours ago, davefrombc said:

I call BS on having had 2 strains of  COVID-19.  Enjoy your fantasy world. The real  one  is much harsher.


then i call BS on all the covid tests, and if they are off or faulty, then there might not even be a pandemic, just made up numbers.  covid is just another strain of the flu and isnt any more dangerous then the common flu.  death rates are at an all time low for 2020 compared to 2019 and 2018 according to the cdc.  there is way too much info and loose ends that havnt been explained.  yes the flu can kill you, if you are not in good health or have pre existing conditions.  thats why if you are sick its polite to not associate with folks until youre better.  whats the real pandemic is all the fear, distrust in those around you, and isolation taking place lately.  the teen community is suffering much more from depression and suicide (ive seen first hand) then the elderly from covid.

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As I said Jacob , enjoy your fantasy world . The COVID strain of the Corona virus is not a strain of the flu no matter what your right wing conspiracy theorists  claim.  I  know very well facts and evidence presented by the mainstream science and health industries will never confuse the true believers. 99%  of the world is wrong . Only the true believers are right.

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