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  1. So I took a look at the rear brake today... The problem must be up at the handlebar brake where the tension can be adjusted. The actual brake lever has a lot of play (it's loose) and the metal shroud around the brake line is not connected to the silver nut that I'm guessing controls the tension. I could pull back on the metal piece in the rear to get the brake to disengage, then just use the front brake and I could at least drive it.
  2. hopefully I'll have some time today...anyone have any pictures???
  3. Hopefully when I take off the right rear wheel I'll be able to figure out what might be the issue...
  4. Thanks for following up on the pictures!
  5. My rear brake is stuck. When I try to go forwards or backwards the brake stays engaged and squeals. I searched and found out that the brake lines get dirty and need to be greased up...I will give that a shot as soon as I can. It seems as though the handle bar rear brake is really loose but I couldn't find anywhere to tighten it down. I don't know if these two things are related - any ideas???
  6. I took off a few of the panels today to get an idea of where I'll run the wires from the winch back to the contactor...It looks like the wires from Warn just might reach back to the dry box! Any pictures out there??? Also, which wire did you tap into for the handle bar switch? I know I should use a multi-meter to find a wire that only gets power when the ATV is on...
  7. I was thinking about wiring it back to the dry-box all the way in the back... I'd probably need to get longer wires from the winch to the contactor though. I don't think the wires that came with the Warn winch will reach the whole way back. The main thing I'm looking for is pictures showing the route along the frame where you attached the wires. I would of course like to keep it as far away from the engine as possible. Thanks for the help!
  8. Last night I picked up some liquid electrical tape to protect all the contacts from the elements and a bunch of zip-ties to make sure the wires are secure... Anyone have any pictures out there of how they routed their wires from their winch back to the contactor and to the battery???
  9. I purchased my first ATV last weekend, it is a Suzuki Eiger 4x4 Semi-Automatic. Along with this I also found a Swisher Plow, Dump Bucket, and Universal Mount for a good price. The final piece I bought was a Warn Winch (XT25). My question is: Does anyone have pictures of how they routed the wires from the winch to the contactor and then to the battery??? Of course you cannot run them anywhere that will come close to the hot engine or where moving parts may pinch the wires.
  10. Awesome advice! I'll definitely check out that website! Thanks a bunch! Only one of the rims is dented - and it's only the little curved part that isn't even touching the tire - so it should be alright for now at least.
  11. Shoot - The early bird got the worm - somebody else snatched them up!

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