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  1. cause it a DANM polaris man seriously they suck get a honda 90 they roll
  2. dude i like this sezzzzzz omg this is baddd im gonna buy me one and build the living shit out of it dude =)
  3. cause its polaris dude thats y THEY SUCK
  4. danm thats badass dude i like tht quad 450 boyz
  5. hell yeah bud this is wat im talking about man hey take a look at mine i got a audio pipe on it and k&n and some more goddies but i half to take a pic of it now this pic was when i got it man but take a look dude !!
  6. shit dude my dad races tt racing man
  7. Honda420guy

    The R

    thats alsome dude add me man plz
  8. heck yeah bud thats right mann
  9. hell yeah dude thats how we do it mannn when it snows
  10. im not trying to be mean or nothin but its cause its a polaris... i swear
  11. thanks buddie yeah dude its a good quad i love it mann

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