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  1. Thanks. That looks very intersting. Ill be lookingg at that more closely John in Vegas
  2. yeah, thats what I thought. Ive gone ahead and ordered a cooler rack for the rear but until I buy another workhorse quad, i want to know I really like this quad stuff. Besides, for that I have my Jeeps! Thanks, John
  3. It seems like ive got a million questions about quads in general, and the Blaster in particular. A couple years ago, my friend and I would go out and explore the Nevada desert. Him on his Polaris 700 quad and me on my WR450 bike. Todays question is will my Blaster be able to do things like long rides, go camping etc ( not worried about fuel range)or will this type of quad be almost limited to tracks and desert race course operating? Thanks again, John in Vegas
  4. I was checking Ebay for things to buy my quad when I came accross suspension lowering links. My big question is why would anyone want to lower a quad? Im new to the quad game but tha doesnt make sense to me. Can anyone answer me that? Thanks, John in Vegas
  5. Im still learning the camera, editing and getting them posted on forums. This race was Feb 20, just outside of vegas. Sorry about the links, hope you enjoy! Our motorcycle club hosted this race. There is a lot of work to put on an event like this, but it is well worth it John in Vegas Save our sport, participate!
  6. Explorer, but not the latest version. logged in when I return. Dont have a mic, never tried live chat. No log in problems. Only found this site this morning and so far so good. John in Vegas
  7. I have had dirt bikes since Chrstmas of 1977. Last Thanksgiving I crashed going from Barstow to Vegas and now have bad vision and balance so I figured a quad would do me better, at least for a while. Did a little research and since really nothing on the Blaster had changed in the 18 year run, I found a fresh Blaster that wasnt the prettist but still looking good for $350. It had both sand and dirt tires too. The doc still hasnt released me to ride anything yet, but am looking forward to ripping up the desert with my new toy! John in Vegas.
  8. Heys, glad I found this place! Been riding off road 30+ years and onlf got my first quad a couple months ago. I got hurt real bad on my bike around turky day, balance is off a bit so I got the quad to help my race club set up our race course. Just my luck, the doc said no driving anything yet so its been sitting in the garage tempting me. Its an 88 yamaha Blaster in ok condition. Nice and easy to work on when it needs it. Im looking forward to picking some your brains for tips and advice in the very near future! John in Vegas

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