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  1. When my atv is put in 4 wheel, it makes some growling noises and then kicks itself out of gear. Has anyone had the front end apart with a similar problem?
  2. I have a service manual but it doesn t say anything about the needle valve adjustment. The carb was clean when I took it apart and no gas in the air cleaner. I should get the fuel valve later this week. thanks
  3. My Quadmaster was getting very hard to start so I put a carb kit in it except the diaphram and float. Now it is running worse, it is stumbling and backfiring. I read some of the threads with similar problems and have adjusted the valves and the float and have checked the carb several times and it still runs awful. I have ordered a new fuel valve and vacuum hose to try that, I took it apart and the diaphram in it looks kind of bad. I have 4 questions: 1. Can the diaphram or float in the carb cause this problem? 2. The needle valve goes through the diaphram assembly and has an E clip with 5 settings,I have it on the middle setting, I didn't pay attention when I replaced it, which setting is the right one? 3. There looks like good fire at the spark plug, could this be an electrical issue? (CDI or Ignition coil, generator) 4. I also left the fuel valve in the PRI position over night and most of the gas went on the ground and evaporated, it did not go into crankcase. The book says this could cause engine damage, what kind of problems can this cause? It runs the same as before. thanks for any help Gary

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