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  1. deel61

    my ride

    Is it a 5oo Vinson or King Quad? I'm looking for pics of King Quads, I plan on getting a white 750 at the end of the year. I rode my unces 700 and fell in love with the power. I plan on getting a set of Mudlite 26' XTR's, is that a good tire for the King? Email me any pics of your quad or others thanks.! Keith Deel, [email protected]
  2. deel61

    My King

    I like your king quad, is it a 750 or 500? I plan on getting the new 750 next year. I like your camo, but i'm going to get the white one, my brother has got a white Rubicon and I love it. Do you think the Moose Fender kit would be hard to install on it when I go hunting? I have been asking around. See ya later, and have good riding. Keith Deel
  3. Can you help me out which quad I should buy, King Quad 750 or Polaris?
  4. King Quad 750 or Polaris big bore XP? I love the King Quad. I will be using this quad for work and hunting, which quad should I buy?

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