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  1. hi 2001 yamaha warrior 350 thought valve ajusted took off cover intake and nut on top was off valve. lot cam out looking nut find it drain oil no nut both side cover no nut now take motor out frame start take it apart has one had this kind program help tell where nut is thank you
  2. hi 2001 yamaha war rior 350 start er keep run when start and only way stop it take off positive wire thank you
  3. hi 2001 yamaha warrior need some help. put new chain and spocket and ruber roller came apart got new one it comeing apart after only mile what know if cut it off what do
  4. rideing around.eizure like run stop cant get start. can hear start but not turn motor over to run . i think seized my motor enigine hot
  5. hi have 2001 yamaha warrior 4wheel just bought 3 week oldago . run goodsome time no program. then couldnt get to start brought in put charger onand start up and ran around and came back next day start right up start ride put the gas on and start back fire or mis. put in side came out play with see wrong with it wouldnt start . some friend came over help find out need a starter. so put the starter but still mis fire. check spark plug and put new in check fuel filter gas going through it put additve in gas and newfuel .what should do now pull carburetor and clean.
  6. need help put a starter starter good wend put gas on start to mis put new plug and check fuel filter and gas through itb what should do next thank you hope some help me
  7. the start is bad why its misfire what tell iget start and see what run like than
  8. hi 2001 350 yamaha warrior just got ran real good aweek use tank and 1/2 of gas run shut off and wouldnt start put charger on and it start ran for 10 minutes left it out side in the rain went too start it up start try ride it was misfire so put inside came back would not start charger on and start but still misfire took plug out and it was good and look at fuel filter gas run through it can one some please help afriend said the motor is get hard start motor need rebuit

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