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  2. I got job as of right now part time But.. not sure if im ready yet to make payments..
  3. Yes hopefully when we can afford another some time this year if not il have to buy my own quad.. Making my own payments.
  4. Il see if any my buds at school would like to join us!: yes: They got ATV's to :coolgleamAc:
  5. Thanks y'all even tho iv sold all my toys Il still be here more often!
  6. Got a email from the admin thought id stop by and say hello!
  7. Looks good lime! Well heres a Jeep Wrangler im toying with started as a 2Dr then i made it into a 4DR using some of limes parts he made for a jeep he made last year . Enjoy .
  8. Yep Lime that is a Gatling Gun on top and its loaded, so dont mess with me on the trails or its on!
  9. Ya thats a nice little UTV my friend made here, i got 2 trucks in the shop as i speak having problems with em one there done il post pics of em
  10. I agree this place is awesome now, I didn't like the all black, background this background is easier to read:oscar::coolgleamAc:
  11. Ya i got a Wii to i love it i got NFS Prostreet for it its so much fun i give it a 10 out of 10 I would defenily get one if i was you
  12. Yea i have that game to me and lime are buddys i also make trucks for that game P.S. Lime gj on the arctic cat
  13. iinvited 4 people and hope they come there all my buddys we ride quads with
  14. well iv decided to get an outlaw because im starting tom race atvs some so i thinks th outlaw is better well cya
  15. i deciding on getting an 2007 polaris outlaw or an 2007 300cc polaris hawkeye which should i get HELP!!!!!!!

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