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  1. Thanks again for your support. Pulled the transmission yesterday and found a repaired case. after taking it apart I found needle bearings everywhere, no fluid, metal chunks on the drain plug magnet. forward drive gear in rough shape and some parts missing. The guy pulled the wool over on me. I made a list of all the parts from Polaris to repair the transmission and it came to almost $500. I also took pictures of every step along the way. Dropped the guy an email and told him that there is no way that this machine would drive fine after the carb job like he said. We'll see what happens. I think it's going to get ugly but I hope not. Thanks for all your help. Have a great day. Tom John
  2. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I did that yesterday and was able to get get reverse to stay but no change with forward. You can hear it click into place and it will stay there until you start to move and you can watch the handle slowly work its way back. I have an 05 330 trail boss and when you move the lever forward and it clicks into place its there until you pull it back.... Looks to me like there is a bent shift fork unless there is something else that causes that on a Polaris. Thanks again for your help in this matter Tom John I also found out it's a 2000 not a 99.
  3. I just bought a 2000 500 Scrambler that had been sitting for a couple of years. The guy that I bought if from told me that it would run fine but the carb has problems. I have worked for American Honda for years as a tech and am some what use to polaris and the way they do things and a carb job isn't a big deal. The machine is in remarkable shape for the year. Carb job went fine and runs like a top until I put it in gear it went about 2 inches and popped out back into neutral. This will do it every time doesn't make any diff. in drive or reverse. Is there anything I should check/adjust before I remove and tear down the transmission. Thank you so much everyone and I know someone has a fix for this issue Tom John in VA

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