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  1. Can I use a starter from a 2000 bayou 220 on the 250?or a 86 bayou 300 starter on the 250?
  2. So I replaced the rings cause it was smoking real bad,put it all back together, I think I have the timing set right but I'm not sure..I can't find a tru manual online to download either... so my question is how exactly dose the timing need to be set... I set the piston a tdc lined the top cam sprocket line with my make to to (top) mark on the head. also linde the flywheel mark(t) with the make on the case...do I need to line it off of the (f) mark? There are also 2 more marks colse to each other but no markings for them...any help is welcome.thank you..
  3. So I think I mite have found the issue, a faulty plug boot...lol,replaced with a good ngk boot and runs sooooo smooth now.so we will see...
  4. yea so, the bike runs and starts when cold but takes a few kicks(kick start,no electric) then then starts but runs poorly on the idle, i cleaned the carb out and readjusted it to no avail.... the main jet is a 110(mikuni) wich seems kinda small too me... but then again it also feels like its flooding the engine.... anyways in will stall out after about 20 min of riding if i come down threw the gears kinda fast,then wont start for a while after it stalls ...sooo after some searching, i found the cause of most of the problems would be the valves.... soo anyone got any specs, i have these http://www.serco.com.au/pdf/HotcamsPDF/09/h2.pdf bout 3/4 of the way down the page 88-90.... are these right? am i on the right track ? need some more info ?

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