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  2. [attach]983[/attach] i know its not that deep in the woods but i figured i would give it a shot (click to enlarge)
  3. there are no place i know of around there but i know there is a track open in troy and off of I-44
  4. well i think that will work thank you so much this helped me alot
  5. i am going to get a DG pipe on my 1997 yamaha warrior but i dont now what jetting kit i should get i know i need to go about 6 sizes bigger but dont now what brand to get please help
  6. hes right try that out ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  7. well im not too familiar with those but it sounds like its the relay to me but im 15 to what do i know hahaha
  8. well i would try to re-jet it either go a few jet sizes up or down

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