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  2. Wanted to let you know I got the file downloaded and got the info I needed. Thanks Again! Don
  3. Hey guys and gals does anyone happen to have the head & cam bolt torque specs for this model? I have the ones for the 800 side by side but I'm not sure they are the same. Thanks in advance for any help!!! Everybody have a Great Weekend!! colescycle
  4. No the battery has already been changed.Its not showing any voltage coming out of the stator but the stator checks good with my Fluke.Just wondering if they had issues with the flywheel or not.Don't want to tear the engine down unless I have to.I will check out the manual Thanks Don
  5. Parts Unlimited sales a rebuild kit for the 300 the part# is 1702-0002 you will need one for each side.You need to take it apart and look at the wheel cylinder but most of the time they can be rebuilt.We orderd some of those last summer and they were available you might want to check with another dealer to make sure just in case someone looked at the wrong number its worth a shot.They sold Thousands of those models,I can't beleive that they discontinued that part already.If you would like call this number 1-800-356-1354 and tell them colescycle told you to check with mike he knows everything Honda and what fits what.Good Day
  6. Has anyone out there had any charging problems with the 400cc outlander max?I have one that is not charging have checked the stator and reads ok.Not sure what the specs are supposed to be for voltage coming out of the stator to the voltage regulator.Does anyone know what I am supposed to have or were there any problems that these units are prone to?The factory part is over 500.00 they want to sell you the flywheel with the stator.I haven't took the engine apart yet was hoping someone could give me a tip as if they had flywheel problems or something in that order.Please advise? Don
  7. Jonniecat,I have a 800 with the same problem.Have you figured out what it is yet.If so please give me a tip if you can?
  8. Stardust,I have 800 with the same problem.Have you found out where the trouble is?Ifso please give me a tip on mine?

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