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  2. anyone ever wash rings out? bike went from running completly fine to crank no start! bike has good spark, new plug with a known good swapped coil; no air restrictions, and plenty of fuel/starting fluid! haven't checked compression but with valve cover off and spark plug tight! i can watch cobustion smoke come up through the crankcase while cranking!!! so something ring or piston wise is going on! bike has always ran fine mechanically and never had engine issues!!!! and i mean never!lol now this is all after a fairly long periodic crank with choke on and off from crank to crank!!! this is why i think i may have lost ring seat but not sure if anyone's had this issue this way? - now for the one thing that has worked, i took spark plug back out and proceeded is if i were doing a wet compression test! (about a half a pint of oil in the hole!), mixed in with a decent dose of starting fluid down in the hole,lol, put plug back in, cranked it; FIRED AND RAN FOR BOUT THREE SECONDS;UNTIL MIXTURE WAS BURNED! the bike literally sounded like a 250ex lol very low compression run..... ......... does this sound like washed out rings or does anyone have diff. thoughts? if so are there any easy remedies for a fix! by all means not one bit affraid to put a set in but just figuered i'd ask!!!!! thanks for any help!!!!!!! -Frank
  3. no troubl with breaking chains or anything but i have small top end chatter that goes away when bike gets warmed up! i'm getting ready to at least cheack my valve clerances before i go to crazy! p. s. i know the two are different motors but wasn't sure if the timing chains both were the same! on my buddies 400ex he used a crf450 timing chain!!! the crf450 chain was much beefier but ut used the same gears and every thing of the 400ex motor! and yes the crf450 dirt bike timing chain fit in place of the 400ex's timing chain. both chains fit but the crf's chain seemed much more durable! i guess that was a bigger issue on hondas than suzuki's? thing is i may just have a valvbe clearance issue!!! Thanks for the help and i'll update as i move along!
  4. true true!!!! i read this post all the way through to make sure!!! DirtDemon is right on! i have the same bike! it had sat all last winter with only a few short start/runs! batt was on very low chrage!!!! plenty of voltage to crank the engine but not enough to fire up your CDI box, which in turn saturates your coil, so if no CDI no spark! i have an aftermarket CDI on my bike and i can't imagine it's any different with that! when i jumped my bike with a friends BRAND NEW 400ex the bike cranked the same but fired right up! i'm into building cars too and an msd ignition box for an engine works the same way!!! If it doesn't have at least 12 volts it will not activate! it kinda threw me for a little loop at first too because it did not crank as if the battery was dead and yet i had no spark. but as i said as soon as i jumped the bike it fired right up!!! i ran the bike pretty hard that weekend after a good little warm up period and haven't had a problem since!!! luckly the batt recharged from the stator! but in your case your batt my be to far gone? if anything put your meter on the battery while cranking and see what kind of voltage you have! sorry for the long post but sounds very familiar!
  5. a friend of mine rides nothing but honda and on a recent rebuild he read on a honda forum that a honda 450 timing chain works on 400ex! the reason for using it was because of it's double roller style design!(stronger) is this possible with an ltr 450 and a ltz 400? i'm doin a rebuild and not sure the best route. just wondering if an aftermarket chain is as strong as a stock 450 chain, if it works? just curious!!!! thanks! -Frank BTW- sorry, my bike is a 2003(early model) ltz400!
  6. hey ya'll whats up from st louis, mo! my name is frank and i'm an avid rider who's always down to hang the fronts!!! ride out a lot at st joe park in st. joe, mo. and me and about six other friends have six different sets of property we ride at too lol so plenty of places!!! mainly into 8-9 second street cars but ridin keeps my mind open cuz you can dam near go anywhere and do anything! always down to drink a few beers too! lol! -Frank

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