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  2. I was wondering if anyone knew of a site that has good deals on shocks for my four wheeler besides the dealer as they are fairly expensive. Or able to change them out with other type of shocks with the springs. Thanks for any help.
  3. Okay I my ride runs but when I load it in the truck or go up a hill it will flood out and not want to start again. Before I go and spend a lot on a new carb I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on this. Also like a big dummy when I bought it used and it had sit for a while I did not clean the fuel tank out and now im going to pull it off and clean it and was wondering also if anyone had any suggestions on what would be something good to clean it with. I have read to use acetone and then was told to use alcohol. Any help would be highly appreciated.
  4. I have the HTC Inspire by AT&T and love it. Its a great phone.
  5. I work civil service for the Air Force as a Aircraft Engine Mechanic Inspector......
  6. dcata

    My niece and nephew

    Yes she does, its a fun time when we all go out......
  7. Oh yeah she loves it, always asking when we are going to the swamp again.....
  8. I have a 1995 Timberwolf 250 2x4 and it still has the original exhaust on it and its not to loud and then on the other hand its not real silent. If I was to replace mine other than a major performance or noise reason I would put on the original again and the cost through the dealer is only about $150.00.
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    Hey thanks for the input. Wasnt for sure as the cable doesnt look bad, just rusty from where the guy I got it from had it sitting around. I will go with my original gut feeling and just get a new one.
  10. dcata


    Got another question....lol.... im pretty good at asking and always want to try and help answer some if I can.... my question is - my choke/starter cable doesnt seem to me seating all the way when in the non choked position. I can see some rust up around the lever on the cable part itself and was wondering if there is a way you can lube these or would it be best to just replace it with a new. Any info is highly appreciated.
  11. Okay im going riding tomorrow and went to start the Wolf to make sure all is fine and it still idles on its own and acceleration is good. But when I rev it up and at idle im still getting the black smoke of either running rich or lean. I know on the needle jet that depending where you set the lock tab it can cause you to run either way so I put the lock ring in the center on the needle jet. Any other suggestions on something I might be missing. Thanks
  12. I looked around and here is a link that has one and seemed to be the best price. Also check on ebay as I have found alot of parts there at a very reasonable price. Just go to ebay and type in your info "1994 Yamaha Timberwolf 250" and it will bring up whats on there, plus once you click on something there is a lot that have online stores and they have a lot of parts. Heres the link and I hope this helps. Electrical 1994 Yamaha Timberwolf 250 ATV Parts
  13. Totally agree, respect others and their things and it can always be good for us.......
  14. dcata

    Howdy all

    Welcome, I have to agree with ya on this being a awesome forum. I have only been on here since the beginning of this week and the people on here are outstanding. I have joined other ATV forums and have posted questions and maybe within a few weeks I might get a reply. Here people are helping and sharing their knowledge and I to will share and help out anyway I can.
  15. Just a update. I put the lock tab on the needle jet in the center of the jet as I had it running lean and adjusted my throttle cable and now the Wolf will sit and idle and has no hesitation when I throttle it up. I want to thank all that replied for their help and info as it paid off. Awesome forum..........
  16. Thanks I fat fingered the keyboard......lol.......
  17. Ok got it on the pilot screw. I will look tonight when I get home at the throttle at the handle bar adjustment when I get home. Again thanks

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