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  2. We got some big news from Amsoil! The new motorcycle oil test is out! Check out the full 28 page report of many top brand oils against Amsoil. You have the right to know the facts! White Paper - A Study of Motorcycle Oils Make sure you get your Amsoil at dealer cost. Ask me how to get yours today. Hope this helps you guys out!
  3. Sounds great! Check it out then I will see what we have that will work well with the setup that you have. Hope to hear from you soon! Thank you! Ken
  4. Give me a call or email if you need help. But the best thing to do is go to Home Page And click on the "services" tab at the top. There is a link on that page to become a preferred customer. Use the drop down tab to select 6 months or 1 year program. Add it to your cart and then shop for anything else you want. You will be able to buy at cost right then! No waiting! Anything you want on there will be shipped right to your door. If you give me your address I will send a catalog and stickers. Let me know if you need help or are ready to place an order! Thank you!
  5. You should use Amsoil Dominator or Interceptor 2 stroke mix. As for the crankcase I would check to see what Suzuki tells you to use. I have some customers tell me they use our 10w40 motorcycle oil to our gear lubes. Let me know what you run in the crankcase now and I can figure something out. Dont forget to buy at cost! Just let me know when your ready! Thanks!
  6. I am a AMSOIL Dealer and want to see how many people know about AMSOIL products. How many of you use AMSOIL products. And to see if anyone wants to learn how to buy AMSOIL at cost or be sponsored? I am looking for racers that want to be sponsored by AMSOIL. As well as people that just want to change oil in there truck or car every 25,000 miles or one year! If you think you want more info contact me anytime! My email is [email protected] and check out my website to buy now or check out the great money and time saving products! Your AMSOIL Dealer Ken George
  7. I like the direction everything is going in our sport. But to me, I wish it was all more affordable. I would like my son to race, but he wants to do soccer or some other sport. I think the main thing is to hope the ecconomy rebounds so we can all see everything we want from the manufactures! I would love to see all you guys sponsored from me to use AMSOIL products at cost. LOL Home Page
  8. I have tons of parts in my garage. I will be listing new stuff everyday that I can! I sell on ebay, Its secure, and safe! Thanks and Happy Holidays! Here is my link! eBay Seller: kenmg15314: Parts Accessories items on eBay Motors
  9. Man you had me going, same crap I had with my wife. She almost left me tho, until he reinlisted for another 4 years, so again, im second best. But who cares, I still got my quads!
  10. I have some parts for sale on ebay. Check it out, let me know what you think of my pages! Here is my link, thank you!!! eBay Seller: kenmg15314: Parts Accessories, Honda 300ex 300 ex 250x 250 x bumper trx300 trx300ex r items on eBay Motors
  11. eBay Seller: kenmg15314: Parts Accessories, GM Chevy 8.5 3.42 Ring Gear Pinion 10 Bolt Truck Posi items on eBay Motors I got some more stuff on now! I should list a bunch more this weekend!
  12. I got more on there! Anyone need a honda 250r bottom end? eBay Seller: kenmg15314: Parts Accessories, GM Chevy 8.5 3.42 Ring Gear Pinion 10 Bolt Truck Posi items on eBay Motors
  13. Do you know what you need from it? I had a atv 70 when I was 3. Its what I learned on. Then I had a 200s and moved up to my brothers 250R. Loved the atc's! Check out my ebay for a atc 250r bottom end for sale! eBay Seller: kenmg15314: Parts Accessories, GM Chevy 8.5 3.42 Ring Gear Pinion 10 Bolt Truck Posi items on eBay Motors
  14. I was going to put everything on ebay. But if you let me know what your looking for I will try to list it asap. It had a electrical problem, I worked on it for a few hours and figured it is not worth fixinig. I am going to look for a LT80 for my son.
  15. I have an 87 Honda TRX 70 that does not run so I am parting it out. Do you need anything from this little scooter? It would be nice to change your atc to a trx. Thanks and let me know if you need anything!
  16. Thanks for putting up the link! I am not too computer savvy yet, but working on it! As far as the brake for the 86 250R, I would keep looking on ebay, or post on these forms, I have had good luck on here and also atvscene.com. Thanks for your support, and how do you get a link from ebay? Just copy it out of my address bar?
  17. Let me know what you think of my listings, pics ok? Good options for buyers? Anything else you think I need? Thanks again!
  18. I do have the clutch lever, email me at [email protected] I can send you some pics! Here is a link of my current items. eBay Seller: kenmg15314: Parts Accessories, Yamaha Blaster YFS200 200 Knuckle Arm Spindle Steering items on eBay Motors If that dont work let me know! Thanks! Ken
  19. I just got a 1986 Suzuki LT250R that I am going to part out, let me know what you need! Thanks!
  20. Got some parts on ebay now! check them out! kenmg15314 is my ebay name. Thanks for all your support, I dont think I could stick with it without you guys! Thanks again!
  21. I have a bunch of yamaha warrior & blaster, Suzuki LT230, Honda atc 250R parts on ebay. Check out what I have my ebay name is kenmg15314. Let me know if there is anything you need! Thanks!
  22. Well im saving back up to start the shop! look for my parts for sale on ebay...
  23. I just sold 12 parts the other day. I will be listing more next week. this week my family and I are going on vaca to maryland. leaving friday to next friday. so i dont want to list things and not be here to ship, answer questions. but let me know if you guys need anything off of a 83 atc 250r, 87 warrior, 87 lt230! most parts are gone, but i have the little odds and ends that finish a quad from it works to runs great. Thanks!
  24. My ebay seller name is kenmg15314. Also on myspace @www.myspace.com/fastquadrdr
  25. Well I am still working on everything. I am selling parts on ebay. I have 4 quads I am parting out, and one I am going to rebuild. I have a 87 Warrior, 83 Honda ATC 250R, 87 LT230S, and I belive a 87 LT230 auto clutch. I am going to rubild a newer blaster frame up. If you need any parts let me know. Thanks!

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