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  1. you guys should be killing everybody with the amount of users on this site. come on vote!!!!! :-)
  2. Hey guys the votes for january have been reset, take a minute and vote for quadcrazy. You can vote once a day. Top 100 ORV Sites - Home thanks ryan
  3. You guys had registered on our site a while back and haven't gotten any votes and you around 45th in the list, so I am going to put out your voting link. When you click the link below it casts a vote for quadcrazy. Admins, if you feel that you need to remove this posts feel free to do so. I didn't like seeing you guys at the bottom of 50 sites Top 100 ORV Sites - Home
  4. click the top100orvsites banner in the first post made by the admin to vote, its that easy... you can only vote once a month
  5. definitely need everyone to vote for quadcrazy.... lets rock the vote
  6. you guys will probably kick everyones but, i also put your link on atvlounge.com, thanks guys
  7. i am waiting to see some pictures and a website if you have one
  8. i wanted to buy nice enclosed trailer,,,, i got one in 1/64 scale from y wife... i guess thats just how it goes, not only that she told me the same day i was going to be dad of twin girls :-) ill get a toy hauler, but it will really be more like a toy stroller. thanks ryan www.top100orvsites.com St. Joe Park - Home atvlounge.com - Home Chadwick Riding Area - Home
  9. Your going to be there, I was wanting to ask about displaying your banner.. Is that okay or not. Your taking atvsource's spot
  10. hey ajmboy... not sure why site didn't work for you.. its atvlounge.com . Check it out when you have some time. I know I will be glad when this weather passes, we are getting around 8 inches of snow here in Missouri. Its been a hectic winter. I rode on sunday, it was in the 70's... today its snowing like crazy.. I love this weather Thanks
  11. Of course mine is atving and building websites. Hopefully some day I will be able to retire and travel to more parks, enjoy the outdoors, and not to have to worry about money. I also want to spend more time developing websites centered around ATV's like atvlounge.com - Home. Enjoy talking with visitors and like to see whats going on in the chat room, especially when the topics are HOT. Thanks
  12. Yeah, ATV Source has gone down hill.. I was a member of Samson's room... Not much going on in there, did like some of the review i got from the users about my site. Until the admin banned me for spamming, which I don't see how asking for some opinion about a website is considered spamming. I guess they need the traffic, since they got a lot of Dip Sticks making post these days. Thanks
  13. This is a new site that i just launched last week. atvlounge.com - Home
  14. anywhere across the united states, we are needing more riders in the western part of the united states. thanks ryan St. Joe Park - Home
  15. As promised, we have delivered our new website feature that will allow riders to find other riders in their areas. Using Google Maps and our Firestorm DevelopmentTeam , we have a feature no other Off Road Site on the Internet can even compete with. I can’t tell you the number of emails we get from people looking for groups to ride with. Don’t be alone, use this software to find others that enjoy the outdoors. You will love it! In order to use this software all you need to do is register at St. Joe Park - Home. We don’t charge a dime, unlike other sites who try to stick you in the rear! How to Register? Follow these simple steps. 1. On the top right hand site of our site St. Joe Park - Home, you will see Universal Login, click the Register link that is below the Login button. 2. Fill in the registration fields, accept the terms, and click Send Registration. 3. The next screen will tell you we sent a message to your email address. You need to go and read this message, there is a link that validates your registration. Click that link and it will bring you back to our site showing that you are successfully registered. How to Find Nearby riders? 1. On the top right hand site of our site St. Joe Park - Home you will see Universal Login, put in your information that you used to register and click Login. 2. Then look at the on the left hand side under the User Menu, you will see Community Builder, click the link. This takes you to your profile, scroll down and you will see the Google Maps. You can also update your profile on the same page by clicking the Edit button above your photo. You can also request a connection to other friends. You can view a list of all our users by browsing the links under User Menu, you can also submit news and articles. You can check out an example of what the map looks like here: www.stjoepark.com/gmaps.jpg If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at [email protected] thanks ryan

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