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  2. either have i but i have seen it. all depends on what is the weakest link on the bike when you are done with it. anything can happen
  3. yes a laser is exactly how you do it, -set the laser on something so it is centered on the rear sprocket (its more accurate than going from the top or bottom) -off the top of my head i want to say the pinch bolts. there should be 2 with room for the nuts to be adjusted either way. they have to be the exactly the same or it can throw your sprocket/chain/ rear end alignment off
  4. True, liquid cooled leaves more room for failure. The way i see it is stock bikes are perfect for exactly what they are made for, leisure, enjoying the sport, and just getting out and going. Once you are truly commited to modding that bike for performance there is no in between, all in or all out. that bike is then like no other and will have all unique issues.
  5. you should always re-jet when you are dealing with power/torque upgrades.
  6. NO! dont disassemble anything bc your going to turn an easy job into a problem. its supposed to be hard to turn, it wont just unlock and loosen. try the alignment
  7. odds are you are not too short at all, i see this alot. im willing to bet that either the sprockets are not completely aligned, or when you put the chain back on you tightened one side of the axle bolt one or 2 turns more than the other side. it might look straight to the eye but each side must have the exact same revolutions to the mm
  8. when i get home tomorrow ill throw that dyno chart on here. no sorry i havent been to glammis. pretty much on the east coast
  9. Yes and no. The way i look at it is when you re-machine a factory engine, carb jetting etc. you will have inequalities from the origional factory (stock) expectations. So every time i either mod and engine for myself or somebody else i always explain to them that there will be changes (not problems). Basically yes there are overheating problems on the 440s too, but thats only if you ride a z440 like it is a z400. 2 completely different bikes now.
  10. Thanks a lot, not a bad machine you have as well
  11. I haven't found an atv that will touch my Z440 yet. Ltr450, trx 450s.. stock and modded. I recentyly did some work for a buddy on his 05 R6. Dragged 1/8 mile against my 440, beat him and he was so pissed he accused me of messin with his bike just so I could beat him haha

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