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  2. Just purchased 1987 LT-4WD from the estate of a deceased neighbor. It started when I brought it home but dripped gas from carb overflow. I put in a carb kit and a new choke plunger. Starts and runs better, but it won't idle and after running for 2 - 3 minutes the gas starts dripping. I took it to local dealer and he didn't see anything that would cause it. He suggested as a remote possibility that the fuel pump could be over pumping. Any suggestions and comments are welcome
  3. Is there a way to test the starter and/or the starter armature? The starter spins freely but won't engage.
  4. 2004 SUZUKI LT-F400F will pull start. The solenoid clicks but starter will not turn. I took starter out, cleaned it and all looks ok. I have power to the solenoid. Have a green neutral light and headlights. I had the dealer test the solenoid and it checked out. Fuses all look good. Any suggestions?

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