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  2. So I picked up a 90 Yammy 350 warrior a while back, traded an old dead 78 xs1100 and an old almost dead 76 xt500 for it. I had about 600 bucks into the pair of them. Put all new suspension bushings in it and got it running good. Everything is copasetic. Also picked up a 91 warrior parts quad a little later. I also have a Mastercraft (MTD) garden tractor that I use for moving trailers around the yard. Never mowed with it, the decks off. Now that I have the quad, which is much better at moving the boat, I don't need the tractor any more. So, There I am, Beer in hand, Several more in my belly, and I have an idea. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-GwHO-Oltk]TractorBuild1 - YouTube[/ame] Sorry about the music. Youtube did something to it
  3. So... New swing Arm bearings. New lower a arm bearings, new exhaust insert, new(used) handlebars, new throttle cable, New(used) steering column, new clutch bolts, new rear brake pads. new grips Newer(used)rear tires. Custom shift lever bracket, wiring repaired $500.00 later And it runs and is ready to go. Not pretty, but serviceable. Registration and insurance, and I can go play
  4. Sounds like the linkage is out of adjustment just enough to cause issues when all the parts are warmed up and have expanded.
  5. Scored this today, it's a 91 Warrior, PO claims to have a lot of new guts in it. Swingarm bushings are shot. Turns over, and looks pretty straight. traded a 78 XS11 dresser and a 76 Xt500 for it. the dresser had been up on kijiji for a few months at 750 with a few tire kickers but no takers, and the XT was a 100 dollar deal. Stupidest thing was, the xs runs on 2 holes, and I kicked the bejeezus out of the xt last nite.. The xs fired right up, and the xt started 2 kicks. Still hated both of them and glad they are gone.
  6. got the email. its the same manual i have
  7. I'll be giving all the local hotshots a call.
  8. I have the official yamahaha service manual, but it doesn't give dimensions for that particular part. All the replacement bearing listings I can find say the bearings and seals are correct. The quad was built january 95. there are no supplements in the manual that covers it. I'll see if a local tech can give me some info tomorrow.
  9. It comes up as expired. . I suspect I have an aftermarket or mistaken carrier. There was some previous work done by a sketchy individual. he soaked them for a big buck, he could have swapped in something else. but.... u never know with a job like this.
  10. I know I'm new here but not new to PowerToys. My collection includes a 71 CB750 Chopper, A 78 XS100 bagger, an 81 IT 175 Enduro, a 76 XT500 DP, and a 78 Peterborough boat. My quad experience is limted to the OLs HondaYamaSuki Special. I gave it to her last Christmas. Its a 85 Suzi Quadsport chassis, with a 1980 Honda XR200 motor, and modified Raptor plastics. It features an FMF Turbocore silencer, a Custom built cable side kick starting system, and dragon scale paint. Pics to follow. More to the point, I have her dads 95 350 bigbear in the shop for some work, and Ive run into an issue in the front diff. Everything I`ve seen says that the front diff carrier bearings are 35x72x17. Unfortunately, the bearing boss on the carrier I have here is only 32mm. There is 3mm of play between the carrier and it supporting bearing. Everything i know from all my experience says this is WRONG.`The carrier and ring gear look to be in decent shape, there is NO obvious wear on the carrier bearing bosses. the bearin gs look to be brand new, but yet I have this problem. The carrier I have here is a limited slip diff, and it fits the CVjoint splines, sorta. I`m kinda lost, so if you have a stock diff on the bench, could you measure the bearing bosses for me. That would be awesome.
  11. Hi, I'm new here, but not new to powertoys. I have a 95 Big Bear here now, for a front end re build again. From what I can see the transfer case has a separate reservoir that has its own drain. I'll soon be draining everything and will have more info as I find it

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