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  2. oxidized I need help again ,I can't seem to find the link for a 2007 Grizzly ? I am looking for the manual and a service manual . I logged in under your name and password but it did not list the 07 Grizz. Thanks in advance
  3. well scratch the 2010 I am now looking at a 2007 grizzly 700efi with PS . Only has 500 miles and comes with a warn winch and plow, camo in color but is 4 hrs away .
  4. shifting : sometimes I have to rock it a little when shifting down to neutral especially when at a stop , like any motor driven vehicle if it is new to you then it would be wise to change all fluids if you don't know the history .
  5. My 1990 big bear is neutral all the way down and then 5 gears up
  6. 2010 for $ 5700 or 2012 for $ 8075 ? Am I nuts this would be more than 2 of my cars .
  7. Thanks , would this big 700 drink gas ?
  8. Hello all looking at a 2010 grizzly EFI with 1600 miles , just wondering everyone's opinion about these models ? Any weak spots ? How is the EFI ? How does the tranny hold up ? Looking to move up from the Big Bear , tired of shifting but very satisfied with the quality.Thanks in advance.
  9. my 1990 bear 350 does the same thing I consider it normal and my front brakes r not locked up
  10. Leave the post up it may help others , btw how did you do it ? any tricks ?
  11. thanks cheriah for the info I think I will tear it apart and adjust the float and clean it up and put it back in before I change the needle and /or seat . and yea diffidently I shut gas off when not ridding , that's all I need is to empty 2.5 gallons of gas in the garage .
  12. Hello , I am having a problem with my 1990 big bear 350 4x4 , when I ride for a while and stop and turn off the quad I get gas coming out the overflow tube and onto the ground and now it happens when I am riding ? Is it the float level or the needle seat ? and once I take this off the quad to repair do I need a new gasket when I install ? Thanks in advance .
  13. To help other members in the future here is what I did : drain and filled front and rear differential with gear oil (I used bel-ray 80w-90 hypoid gear oil) and then I did an oil change using yamalube 10w-40 now this is where I got confused : there is the motor oil change with filter ~ 3 quarts and then there is the transfer gear oil drain and fill which also uses yamalube 10w-40 ~ less than a 1/2 qt . Hope this helps .
  14. Is the drum fully seated ? Perhaps the brakes or brake hardware is holding the drum from fully seating ?
  15. What has me confused is on page 2-29 they make mention of 3 drain plugs 1 final gear case 2 front diff case 3 rear diff case , The front and rear are easy to figure out but the final gear case has me scratching ? Just wondering if anyone has experience with this ? I guess all 3 have filler holes which I just fill up to the threads ?

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