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  2. its has fresh fluid in it...i just finished replace both outter cvj's and had the half shafts out. the fluid that came out of the front diff was extremely clean...i was impressed and relieved when i saw it. the rear axle is solid. i did not check tire sizes last night when i got home. ill check tonite though. what kind of slime do yall recommend filling the tires with
  3. its all time 4x4...but it does have a low tire....not sure if they are the correct factory size. these are aftermarket tires and were on there when i bought it.
  4. When I dumped the oil out to recycle this morning a little filter assembly with a spring on it fell out too. I found out that it was a filter for the oil pump pickup. Ive ran it a couple times since the new filter/oil change but nothing major. Around the block a couple times. Goin to drain it today and filter the oil and reuse it. You think not having that filter for just a couple days screwed anything in the pump up?
  5. when i give it gas the rear end will torque up like the front brakes are engaged, but theyre not. giv it a little more gas and all is good. is there a problem?
  6. thanks to all....i already downloaded the manual from your link too..... you sir are a good man for putting all those out there for us!!!
  7. so to answer my own question and for future reference.... i called our local shop and they verified that it does in fact use the engine oil for lubrication and is recommended 10w 30.
  8. stupid question but, the transfer case gets its oil from the engine?...and if thats the case then do i need to add oil to the transfer case also to sorta "prime" it? i have a clymer manual and its not real specific on this, it just list the transnfer case fluid under engine oil.

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