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  1. ansman


  2. Anyone know how to register a chinese atv if I don't have the original certificate of origin? I live in Pa if that matters.
  3. ebay, they have ever part you need to completely rebuild. Just look for best price they are all over the place on prices. I use partsfox for my 2007 kazuma dingo. They have the best price and free shipping. also some sellers ship for china but it still only takes about 10 to 12 days to get parts. the parts for these chinese quads are easy to get now, not so a couple years ago.
  4. 1st picture is the way it was when I bought it, note the hose clamp dead give way it was not correct. The 2nd picture is what it looks like now.( the way it should look)
  5. Thanks to Matt I got it mounted correctly. Thanks again Matt.
  6. ansman

    2012 680 RINCON

    Would be nice to see Honda come out with a bigger bore macnine, maybe one day. But you are right you can't beat the reliability of them.
  7. If that helped, please read my post about chain tensioner and help me if you can.
  8. Are your looking at the red plate behind the front push bar ? If so the it is the whole thing letters and then the numbers, KMZ????0000000000
  9. Could some one please send a picture of the chain tensioner on the dingo 150, I bought one used and the way it is on does not look right. Also when the right tire is climbing over a large object it throws the chain. This does not happen when it is the left side going over the same object(rock, washout or whatever) If you would please send a pic to [email protected] Thank you for any info. Jim

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