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  2. My Kazuma 90 is smoking white smoke out the tail pipe bad. Is it what I think it means? For a car this means either rings or a head gasket but what about the Kazuma 90? Anybody know?
  3. Dear Oxidized_black, I bought a used 2006 Chinese 110 atv. Its says manufactured by Zhejiang Chisheng and Imported by SeaSheng Inc. It has a label on the front that says "MDI" and a sticker on the side that says "110ST". Do you have any idea what service manual I would need for this? I can get it to turn over by connecting a wire directly from the "+" terminal of the battery to the starter post but it won't start so I think the starter is ok. The handle bar switch assembly and ignition switch seems ok and the lights work. I need a service manual to know what I got. Any help?
  4. I forgot to mention I dont think the handle bar switch assembly is bad because the light switch works. Also the key ignition switch seems to be fine too because the lights won't work without it in the on position. I need to know what components are in between the "+" terminal of the battery and the starter because something is bad in that path. Is there a relay? a solenoid? an electric ignition module? I have no clue what is there. I'm surfing the net and found a chinese atv parts site, so thats cool but without a schematic or a manual I don't know what I got. Anybody out there a chinese 110 atv guru?
  5. I bought a used Chinese 110cc atv. The seller had no knowledge of anything on it. It won't start but that's only one of my problems. First I'd like to know what I have. Its a 2006 and manufactured by Zhejiang Chisheng Industry and Trading Co. and Imported by Seaseng Inc. It has a logo sticker on the front that say "MDI". It has a large number on the side that says "110ST." Even with this info I can't find anything telling me what this is. Is it a MDI? Is it a Seasheng? What the heck do I call this thing? Second, after I know what to call this thing, where can I get a user and service manual? Third, It did not have a battery so I took a shot in the dark and bought the only 12Vdc battery that would fit in the tiny battery compartment. Obviously I had no idea if it had the cranking amps needed. Where can I find out what type of 12Vdc battery to get for this thing? Fourth, I installed the battery and the lights worked but the electric start would do nothing, even click a relay or anything. So I ran a wire directly from the "+" terminal of the battery to the starter post and it turned over but wouldnt start. I made sure the lanyard button was not the problem. Fifth, The remote control just blinks when I press every button. Does the remote have anything to do with anything? Thanks for any help !
  6. That was it thanks! I feel stupid but I did not know about the fuel valve petcock. Thanks! Anybody know a good source where to order parts for ATVs?
  7. I'm new to the ATV world. I just bought a used 2005 Kazuma Falcon 90. The guy started it right up when I was looking at it. I just got it home and it won't start. Its like something happened on the ride home. It turns over but won't start. I'm scratching my head. I'm gonna replace the spark plug and spark plug boot and wire but I have no clue where to get parts for ATVs. They don't have jack at autoparts stores. Anybody out there know?

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