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  1. My grandfather got one of the first 4 wheelers in the area in the late 80s, a yamaha 225 moto 4. I rode it as a little kid, loved it ever since!
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  3. If your comfortable with your manhood, Im gonna say the best all around quad right now is the king quad 750. Outlander 800 and Yamaha 700 arent far behind. Most of the companies now a days make pretty good quads right across the board though. Different uses for each.
  4. Thanks for the manuals, I think I downloaded them from you before and ill check again when I get home. The quad has independent rear suspension and cv axles. If it was a straight axle I would be a little more familiar with it, but till I rip this one apart I dont really know much!
  5. Ok lemme pick your brain then.. haha Have you ever had to replace an axle, because the symptoms were that one day it plainly quit working? The joints all seem fine (used but fine), and one day it just quit turning. (from what my father told me) Thats the part that has me a little... hesitant to just go and buy axles!
  6. Thanks for the reply. Yes I have found a parts bike to get parts from. I was pondering getting a used front axle, but this guy wants 100 bucks each, and on ebay I can find them for slightly over that. Regarding the back side not spinning though, Im not sure if its just the axle that a guy needs or what. I know the way to do it is rip it apart and look, and I will yet, just dont have time right now, so was hoping someone has had theirs apart before and tell me that yes, its basically an axle that is the only thing that can cause that symptom, or no it could be this gear etc. that will cost more then the quad is worth! The wife and I are going to get either a couple of new can ams, king quads or maybe grizzlys in a year and a half, but was hoping to keep this one and my big bear going strong till then!
  7. Hey guys and gals, I aquired a 97 King Quad 300 from my dad, it has a few problems but seems to be an ok runner, so Im just trying to decide if its worth sinking a few dollars into or not. The problems it has are an intermittent electrical problem which I have shorted out, one front axle is really screwed near the tire (shouldnt be a problem fixing that) and only one rear tire spins. So my question is has any of you guys torn apart the rear end of these things? I had the quad lifte in the air, and the right hand side rear tire spins and there is a little resistance there (that is the one that works) but the left hand side spins really freely. So Im not familiar with these quads and axles at all, does this just sound like a matter of throwing a new axle in the rear end? Does it sound like something more, and something in the diff let go? Rear axles easy to pull or no? Ive checked out the diagram on cheapcycleparts, and to me it looks like there could be a lot that could go wrong inside. I plan on ripping the quad apart this winter and repairing the issues, but was hoping to get a little insight if anyone has had these rear ends apart. Thanks.
  8. Just wanted to update. I ended up taking my axle to a neighbour with a lathe and he drilled a hole in it for me, and ran a tap into it. It should be good to go! Im just about done throwing the new bearings and seals into the diff, just figured out the gear last (least I think I figured it out haha) and will update if something doesnt work, but so far it looks goods!
  9. If you have good spark, and a good plug, I would take teh carb apart and clean it. Now ive never actually pulled apart the carb in my quad yet, but Ive ripped many apart and cleaned them, and they arent really that difficult. Im guessing you have a jet thats plugged. Seafoam is wonderful stuff, but I dont think it would unplug a jet by adding it to your tank. I love the stuff though, I use it as a stabalizer and as a cleaner in lots of things around my farm.
  10. Thanks for the replies fellas. Sounds like you guys are in agreement as to my original idea for the axle repair. I tried driling the axle last night and my cheap bits arent up to par, so I will have to take it to a machinist. I have a few contacts so it hopefully wont be too bad on price. I have a nice stainless threaded rod sitting around that I got from work (I work in a place that specializes in specialty metals)that I was pondering using, but I dont know the rules with welding stainless to non stainless so I think I will either look for the aviation grade bolt, or grade 8 bolt. Thanks again guys. I have to wait for my rear diff and axle bearing kits from all balls racing to come in, but when they do, I will update with progress, even if I dont run into troubles so this thread may help someone else in the future.
  11. First picture is the complete rear axle Second picture is the close up of the end of the axle, with the missing threads.. well.. missing!
  12. Just imagine the very end of the rear axle. At the very end is threads where a nut goes on, to hold the hub on, that in turn holds the wheel on. On the link I posted below number 11 is the axle then ya can see where the hub )number 6) goes on the end of the shaft. To hold the hub (number 6) onto the shaft, the end of the shaft is threaded. Thats the "piece" I busted off. Hopefully that explains it a little better till I can get a picture! REAR WHEEL Yamaha BIG BEAR 4WD (YFM350FWF) 1994 OEM Parts - Cheap Cycle Parts
  13. I dont have any pictures right now but I will take one tonight and post it. But yes your correct when you said that it was the threaded part that holds the hub onto the threaded part of the axle. The threaded part is drilled and has one of those crown nuts that threads on. I dont think the threaded part would need to be "balanced" or anything very precise, cause it just holds the hub on, BUT I can see that it would need to be pretty strong so a guy doesnt lose his hub and wheel while driving. Im also not familiar with the tterm pinning. If you still suggest pinning, could you enlighten me as to what that is? Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the reply. I ended up taking my plasma cutter and cutting a little notch not all the way through the retainer, and it broke loose. Im thinking what solved the issue was just much greater heat. So anyone have any opinions about my second repair??
  15. Thanks for the reply. I did beat on the collar both ways, seemingly wont budge at all, either way. I have beaten it so there is getting not much left to beat on haha.

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