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  2. I have most things cleaned or replaced good compression.Fired a few times.I pulled plug rusty water.Did this a few times then pulled head.Rusty thick watery mess cean out.but where did it come from.I don't think there is crank oil.Any good thoughts where it is from and how to correct?
  3. I found it finally in that down loaded manual.Got starter last night and putting it in today.Back in my day when I have bike or car that sat for a long time I put a little oil in the spark plug hole the night before trying to start it.Is this still a good idea?
  4. I have all brakes cleaned.Anyone know what kind of brake fluid to use in 1995 polaris 300 2x4?
  5. Thanks I will look into it.When I got my front brake off I found what on a car would be a bad ball joint,is that what it's call on this?
  6. Man gave me this bike.It has sat in a barn under some blankets and saddles for 5 or 6 years everything is rusted.Motor turns over.I have a new starter coming today.I have body off.I have back brake working.For now I need to know how to get front brakes of.By the way last bike(2 wheel)I worked on was back in 60's.
  7. New from North Carolina.Bike 1995 polaris 300 4x2 has been in barn under a bunch of saddles.Motor is OK I think all else is rusted,I'd like to use it in Sept.for bow hunting all help needed and will be more than greatful for

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