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  2. Well I suppose it's not the stator since the battery is still charged. Is it 100 - 200 ohms across the coil?
  3. Well that was it; no spark. Does the manual have instructions for checking the ignition system? I suppose there are resistances I can check on the coil, not sure how to check the stator.
  4. I better check for spark before going any further. Last winter I spent countless hours checking over the fuel system on my car because it was flooding, finally I took it to the shop and it turned out to be the cap was burned and creating a weak spark. I do not seem to have fuel pouring into the cylinder but I will get a closer look, it definitely isn't coming out the carb overflow. Thanks for the tip.
  5. I went to start my '99 King Quad today and it fired up and ran rough, very rich. It's cold out so I wasn't surprised and figured it would warm up and run smooth like it usually does. It's been running a little rich but is fine once it warms up. Instead of warming up though it died. I couldn't get it restarted so I took it down to the garage and pulled the spark plug, it was covered in gas. So I let it dry out and tried starting it again. It wouldn't fire and the plug was soaked again. I took the carb off, cleaned it, took the bowl off and sprayed it all down. Didn't see anything out o
  6. I need a slide hammer with a hook and I do not need to remove the u joint. Thanks for the manual oxidized_black!
  7. Hello everyone! I just picked up my first quad a couple of weeks ago- a '99 King Quad with a blown motor. I mean blown to bits, probably about half the piston was gone. It looks like the exhaust valve broke and rattled around in the engine for awhile. So I bought an engine out of an '01 and dropped it in, went incredibly smooth. The new engine did not come with drive shafts so I started pulling mine off my old engine. The front one came easy enough but the u-joints in the back appear to be peened on instead of clipped. Do I need to grind the peening out and then press the u-joint out

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