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  2. Never mind. Found the manual on an old laptop.
  3. I dont have a manual for the bike. I want to change the oil and filter but im sure where to drain the oil and refill. Actually im not even sure where the oil filter is. Is the engine oil and tranny oil the same? If so do i need to drain engine oil and tranny oil separately? As you can tell Im confused:huh:. Anyone able to help? Thanks, Mike
  4. Forgot to update. The plug was fouled. I assume from running with a fouled carb. Cleaned plug and a little more tweaking and it purrs like a kitten again. Thanks for the help. Always been afraid to play with carbs because of a lack of understanding. I'm far from an expert but I learned alot. Now I've pulled the carbs apart on my 2 outboards. One is 40 years old and never touched. Gummed up bad. The other had water in the gas a couple years ago and has rust. Great site. Mike
  5. Check your spark plug. If it was running like crap before you rebuilt it the plug may be fouled. That's what happened to me.
  6. Got it all back together with no spare parts . Runs good but not real happy with the idle. Seems like the rpm is up and down. Not constantly but like its about to stall and then doesn't. Or sometimes does. Big mistake I made was not keeping accurate track of where needles were sitting before taking them out. I've been playing with the pilot screw to no avail. I'm thinking the pilot jet, which is located in the float bowl should be tightened all the way. I think I bottomed it out then loosened it a couple of turns. Also I'm getting white smoke from the exhaust. At least I think its smoke. Could be condensation? Cold and damp here. Any ideas? Thanks again for helping out, Mike
  7. Thanks for the tips. I have an air comp. so I will blow everything out. I picked up the carb kit and have the carb out. Should I use any lubricant on the o rings as I put it back together? Also Kinda unsure of setting float height? Thanks Mike
  8. Guess I spoke to soon. Bragged on another thread about how well this bike ran. And it DID. But then I noticed gas leaking from the overflow tube on the carb. Bike still ran great though. Anyway figuring the floats were stuck I removed the carb checked the floats and put back together. Then it wouldn't start. Turn over but no go. But it didn't leak. When I finally got to start it ran like crap. So took carb back off, re checked floats and porting as best as I could. Re-installed carb and now not only does it run like crap but its leaking fuel from over flow tube even worse. I've ordered a new carb kit for it. I'm not real well versed in carberation so I'm trying to proceed carefully. Any tips tricks or general input is welcome. Thanks, Mike
  9. OK. its a start safety switch. Bike has to be in neutral OR brake applied to complete the starter circuit. In other words you can start the bike in gear but only if brake is applied. Its shown in the '86-'89 moto manual OX provided. Thanks for the help
  10. Brake light makes sense but the tail light is a single filament. The socket is also single. No signs of it ever being changed. Tried tracing the wires but they get lost in a harness. I'll figure it out eventually.
  11. Ya I can test voltage. Maybe look at the rear light and see if it has a wire for brake. I kinda assumed it didn't have a brake light. I bought this bike a couple of months ago and have been really happy with it. First ATV. Runs like a charm. Just finished doing the brakes front and back. Really I'm just trying to get to know how it works so I'm a little more prepared if I do have trouble.
  12. Thanks for replying. Ya its there. In the handle switch and lever detail. Item 21. It also calls it the front stop switch assembly. I just don't understand its function.
  13. Ya thought of that too. If it is it doesn't work. Was thinking maybe bike won't start with park brake on? Going to go try that

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