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  1. New to ATV's and this forum. Just got a used Suzuki 300 to use on my mining claim. Gonna pull rocks and haul water. Prob also take equip to and from the mining site. I've already gotten help with a couple of issues, Thanks Guys!!!
  2. I had the same prob. Lots of fuel but wouldn't start. You may be digging too deep. How did you check for spark? I just solved the starting prob. Pulled the plug and grounded it against the engine. No spark. I put in a new plug and she starts right up.
  3. I'ts a real pain in the arse when your ATV won't start or run right. The 300 I have, plus several on this site, have carb issues. I know you can greatly improve the intake system on a small block Chevy, soooo.... Has anyone tried modifying fuel delivery or changing carbs to improve fuel delivery and specificly reliability?
  4. Thanks, I'll def add one between the tank and carb.
  5. Just got a used Susuki 300 (2000) and am goin' through it changin' the fluids and filters. Can't seem to find a fuel filter, does it have one and if so, where is it?

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