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  2. I am replacing the seals on the water pump . I notice between the oil and mechanical seal there is a fine grits of sand that entered the weep hole . Some are putting fitting in the weep hole and route an hose to the handle bars and problem solve .On a mud pro the weep hole is close to the edge of water pump no room to install a fitting so my question is : if that mod was done with success by someone ,I would like to know what kind of fitting that was used. Thanks Alain
  3. Good luck in what you will be decided
  4. Is it running ? How's the tire ? Tire will cost you about 80 to 100 each than you go for the maintenance items that you might need oil change,new sprockets and chain, brakes and air filter.so now you have an idea How much it can go .Checks also wheels bearing and swing am bushing . This is your money if you drive all summer for 300 this not bad . Enjoy your summer Alain
  5. Usualy seals are been pop out by screw driver with intention of always putting a new one. Always be careful when time of prying with screw driver don't want to score or mark any metal surface . Good luck Alain
  6. Hello I would not pay much unless it is in good condition. You have to say it is an old machine and when it is time to get some engine parts it might be hard .I would say a very good running condition one not more than 1000$ But this is my feeling about it Alain
  7. Hi I have an 88 Warrior and I had something similar happened to me I had to disconnect the wire coming to the reverse lever and it did work after that . Check with Yamaha if there was any recals on reverse switch. Good luck Alain

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