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  1. So my cdi went out a month ago and Kawasaki is proud of that cdi. So wanting to know is there any way to bypass the system and but a different cdi in stator is a 3 phase and my trigger coil has 2 wires coming from it a blue one and a black with white strip. From the wiring diagram it shows that it goes in to the cdi. But what is that black with white strip. Is it ground or what
  2. My cdi went up in smoke last nite. New ones are like 500 bucks and used ones are like 250 to 300. I am trying to find out what the pin out is it is a 8 pin. Can anybody tell me what wire is what and if it is ac or dc. Want to wire in a different cdi any help. Thanks
  3. bighoss


  4. Ok any luck being able to find one for me
  5. Was that for me or the guy looking for the polaris manual
  6. Ok thanks ox and its a 2 stroke
  7. i know this is not a dirt bike forum but its worth a shot i just got a 1978 suzuki rm80 and i am trying to find a manual for it it does not run the compression is at 90psi if iam rite it should be between 120 and 170 for it run the pistion and cyclinder look good and are smooth the pisiton is a wiesco that is in it now so should i go with just rings any info will help please
  8. ok when ever my son goes through a lil bit of water it dont mater if he goes slow or fast it shuts off and is apain to start agen if i take the air filter out and put my hand over the intake it will start but why does it shut off
  9. how much more power will it give me over the stock
  10. ya it seems to be in good shape but i dont know what i wanna do if i wanna get that or get a full fmf for lt250r
  11. what would be a good price to pay for one
  12. ok i have taken the clutch cover off and got the water pump out the metal seal that is in the case were the impeller shafts goes how do you get that out i guess its part of the mecanical seal that is pressed in the case how do you get that out
  13. here is a link to the manual i cant get them to upload Everything2Stroke you will have to click on each pic but its all there maybe some body can get them to upload on here click the link and you will it as a sticky
  14. were would i have a leak at if my crack case oil is milky i have fushed it out and put bars stop leak in it and it dont look like milk no more but a brown color going to rise tomorrow and see if the bars stop leak works going to take extra oil to and change it out there to see how it looks but were would i have a leak at it on a lt250r could it be the water pump seal

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