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  2. I got stage 2 hot cams dyno jet kit full dg exhaust from the hearder back with the dg bullet pipe k&n filter whick is my air box cover.
  3. I would get new rear bearings, front bearings, a arm bushings for my kfx 400. cant afford them do to lack of work it would be super nice to have the $50 to put towards it. thanks have a nice day
  4. what kind of 4 wheeler is your son looking to use. i have seen a lot of Kawasaki 220 bayu's turned into a buggy
  5. hi folks I am new to quad crazy and I would just like to tell you I have started a group up called Kawasaki boys feel free to join i am hoping the group turns out good thanks have a good day view my pics in the gallery under racing.
  6. have you tried cleaning the carb and draining the old fuel and changing the plug?

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