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  1. Hi frank... I replaced the relay and everything is working great! THANK YOU!
  2. thanks for your quick response. I'll check out the relay and post back here. thx again
  3. hi folks - Today I installed a new starter for my 2001 big bear. 400 The old starter has been dead for several years but I'm just too old now to be yanking that pull cord any more. Here's my issue: When I pushed the start button the starter turned over ... and kept going - even after the start button was let go. After 20 seconds or so the starter finally stopped . I pushed the start again and the same thing happened ... In fact, it kept trying to start the machine even after I turned off the key! (for about 10 seconds). (I also noticed that the positive side of the battery got very hot to the touch.) Any ideas on what's happening? thanks
  4. deanpeddle


  5. Thx oxidized_black... I'll start with pulling the carb and checking float.
  6. heh folks - I have this exact same problem (but different bilke) as PCLZ28... started quad but she wouldn't move. I gave a LITTLE extra throttle and also heard something "give". Anyone know what to check? is it drive pinion, ring gear, something else?
  7. after working great all weekend today my big bear 400 wont start. I noticed a strong gas smell, took cover off air box and found 2 inches of gas in the box. I figure this has to be a carb problem but hoping someone can pinpoint exactly what to look for/replace. thanks!
  8. hi - a friend of mine has a 2004 Honda Foreman 450. His machine will move in 4-wheel drive but not when in 2-wheel drive. WHen he uses 4-wheel drive to start moving, he can then turn off 4-wheel and quad keeps moving. Whats wrong?

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