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  1. As a general rule, spraying carb cleaner through the carb into the engine does no good. The carb cleaner goes directly into the engine without cleaning the passages in the carburator. If you suspect the carb is dirty, you can either remove it and clean or try a gas treatment such as Seafoam or Mechanic in a Bottle.
  2. A leaking base gasket can cause a lean seizure as well, but usually not that quickly. To test you could start the machine and spray carb cleaner around the base. If your idle changes, you have a leak.
  3. Sounds like you don't have enough clearance and your piston is seizing when it warms up.
  4. wildthang


  5. I can't say for sure which parts on your carb are bad. Problem could be caused by something else as well. What I would do would be tear the carb off and check the accelerator pump out. It might just need the diaphragm, but you won't know until you look at it. Also inspect your main diaphragm (#8) for any cracks.
  6. You're probably needing part #32 on this diagram. http://www.partspitstop.com/oemparts/a/suz/508af49bf870023530722b42/carburetor
  7. Generally, what happens is one or more of the rollers in the one way clutch come loose. Once you tear it apart, it should be fairly obvious. Cheapest I found was $232.92 at Powersportsdiscount.com .
  8. Merry Christmas and best of luck. Just let me know if you need any more pages from the manual.
  9. What you need to remove depends on if it's the chain or shaft drive. It should be detailed on those pages I sent you.
  10. Here is some information from the service manual for you. Tuneup.pdf ValveAdj1.pdf ValveAdj2.pdf
  11. Sounds like you may need a starter clutch.
  12. What happens is the belt has grooves in it that match the shaft on the primary clutch. When the belt gets worn, it can move over one groove which causes the belt to hold pressure on one side of the primary so it never disengages. Sometimes, with the cover off and the engine not running, you can move the belt back to center, start the machine, and then get it in gear normally. But once you rev the engine to engage the clutch, the belt will move again. I don't recommend trying to run the machine without the cover, very dangerous.
  13. Sounds like you may be having problems with your clutches. Could be you just need a new belt or clutch cleaning.
  14. You may want to check your valve clearance. Could be your problem.

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