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  1. The vin plate is worn so no vin to read. Its the one with white plastics and purple tank. Does anyone know what years they made these color schemes? Looks identical to one in pic.
  2. If you have a decent fender for a decent price please call or text me at 414-418-8550
  3. Just picked up a lt 80 for my kids. The tires are bald and it will need new ones. I would like to put something wider and with a flat tread so the quad will be more stable. Are there any other 4 bolt hubs that will fit this axle? I seen the diamond conversion. I'd rather just find 4/100 hubs that will slide on versus doing a conversion kit.
  4. First of all I would like to thank you everyone in advance for there help. I picked up a 2004 Raptor 350 for $500. There is less then 50 hours on this machine. Its been sitting for most of its life. Its in pretty decent condition. I pulled the carb and cleaned it out. It was full of green corrosion. While I was doing this I notice that the throttle plate was sticking. I looked to see if parts were available separately and nope they were not. I found a 2006 raptor 350 carb on ebay for $65. I received it today and it was even more corroded then the original. So I took all the bowl internals and swapped them over to the 06 carb. I cleaned everything really good. I slapped it on the bike and it runs but its back firing when you give it gas, doesn't want to idle with no choke. I have to apply the choke perhaps 20~30% to keep it at an high idle so it won't die. My question is. Is the 06 carb compatible with 04? They look identical. My next move is to order a rebuild kit. Do I order one for 06 now? Are 04 through 08 the same?

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