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  2. Hey everybody! I would rather install my own blinkers, relays, wiring rather than buying anything for $200. Can anybody point me in the right direction for a nice guide possibly. Im planning on lowering it and doing anything to make it more stable on the pavement...so if you have any suggestions there as well they will be greatly appreciated. So far i plan on buying the Duro Scorcher tires and G-Force XC-1 wheels. All stock size CRJ lowering kits Anyways i want this focus to be on wiring in turn signals and a horn. Thanks guys!
  3. im glad to live in MT for a number of reasons...but i still hate the winter. Id rather be on 2 wheels yr around but nope cont do it so im streeting out a quad so i can make it through winter without killing myself from depression haha jk
  4. Ya im not too worried about it. There are a few ppl i see riding quads around town all the time...no mirrors even, just using hand signals. But i want to be legit.
  5. I'm new to QuadCrazy but have ridden quads a little but, no racing or tack experience. Most of my experience is on the street with two wheels...BUT its winter way too long here and im looking into streeting out a quad for yr around commuting around town and fun in the summer with only a few adjustments and swaps. Still dont have a quad but money isnt exactly an issue. I want to find a good used quad nothing too old and beat up for sure. Obviously wanting to lower it a bit and make it more stable on the street. wheel spacers? swingarm extender? street tires... im not exactly sure what should be dont first to a quad in terms of making it better for the street. of course anything required for legalizing it. Also i need to look into if all quads are able to be street legalized or if race quads cant be. Im in MT but when i was in HI quads couldnt be street legalized and bikes were more difficult if they were race models. Thanks for all the input you may have!

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