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  1. exhaust clogged? put your hand over the intake and see if its sucking.
  2. you'll need to get the top end rebored or get a new cylinder then match the piston to that.
  3. looks good to me too. check the chain tension and call it good.
  4. it'd be nice but stealerships make a big fat wad of cash fixing things so its not likely to happen. should be glad they havent done the john deere method where they dont allow anyone to work on their stuff at all.
  5. I dont think the 350 motor ever changed, one of the other manuals for 350s might get you by
  6. the spark plug cap is always a gotcha too. how I picked up my kodiak way back on the cheap, guy couldnt get it running.
  7. I just bought a 2008 grizzly 450 and I'm not having any luck finding a freebie service manual. anyone have one they'd like to share?

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