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  2. Back light still works though. Just no read out.
  3. Mine went completely out overnight!!! Wheeler stays in garage when not being ridden.
  4. Anyone running synthetic oil in crank case? I want to but not sure if it will lead to clutch issues. Not even sure if it has a wet side on clutch. appreciate y'alls replies.
  5. Thanks oxidized, I already had one downloaded from here and fixed wheeler Saturday morning.
  6. Downloaded one off this wonderful site last night. Will be doing a lot of testing for the next day or two. Thanks, Tv2
  7. Got the reduction gear freed up this evening and it will turn a little over 12 rounds lock to lock. Where do I need to locate gear at before replacing shift motor? Should it be in the middle or all the way opposite of what motor will turn it when I synchronize again?
  8. Any way the new angle sensor could be bad? Can it be tested?
  9. The swash plate on this wheeler is locked up now, angle sensor was replaced, erased codes and tried to synchronize it, I heard the shift motor run a couple of times " like normal" messed with it again yesterday and found that motor was actuating but did not sound right. I pulled motor and did the key switch and up down shift button thing, motor ran fine, tried to turn gear in case and could only move it a 1/4" or so total. I know this is not right. Is the transmission shot or is this an easy fix?
  10. How much voltage should I see at the angle sensor? I am showing 4.5 volts on one wire and a little over 5 on the other. What shoul I look for if this is not enough voltage? Thanks for any help. Tv2
  11. Duh, I should have GOOGLED it, boy do I feel like a dumbass! Sorry for waist in y'all's time.
  12. Hey guys I'm a newbie here and have read all the posts trying to find my problem. I recently purchased this wheeler with less than 650 miles on it. I had to jimmy the key switch after I got home with a new battery and fresh gas, because my grandson lost the key, my question is, the reverse override does not work. Is this because of the key switch being modified? Also the wheeler runs good from 0-45 mph, then it just kind of lays down to top out at 55-57 mph depending on tail wind with my fat arse on it. When I release the throttle it appears to have an engine break that engages ASAP. Is this normal or is it something to do with the reverse overide button not working? I have heard of similar things on different wheelers. Any help is very much appreciated! Thanks guys.

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