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  2. Had the same problem with my 07. Twice. Both times it was something foreign finding its way into the carb. This last time, was a damned bug. Best guess it got in through the vent line found just in front of your left nut. Installing a screen on that line next time I have spare time.
  3. Soooo, hi Cheers from the Great White North on the red & white side of the border. Came looking to see if I could find a shop manual for an 04 LTF500F and through the wonders of search, learned theyre close to the holy grail of shop manuals. Oh well, looks like lots to see, think I"ll hang around a while. 04 Suzuki Vinson 06 Arctic Cat 07 Suzuki Eiger 08 chinese thing sized right for a 4 year old.

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