LT-A400F rear drum brake help!!

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Ok I have replaced the rear brake shoes on my Eiger and still have the same problem with them just not working.

I have tried everything I have even loosened both adjustment nuts on the swing arm by the drum as far out as possible and then turned the shaft for the brakes so they would start pushed out a little and then put the swing arm on and am still having a problem with them just not working.

I will tighten the adjustment bolt all the way back in after putting the swing arm on the shaft and squeezing the brake lever moves the shoes but they for some reason don't touch the drum.

I bought a new set and both have the exact same amount of pad on them. So my question is is there anything I should be looking for or doing or if someone has pics they could post of their setup I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks Mike

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Ya I put it all the way in while I put the arm on and then backed it all the way out, and the shoes touch a little bit, but not enough to do anything useful. I checked out that link and every thing moves freely. So I dunno, thanks for your input though

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What year is your machine, it sounds to me like your drums may be worn too thin.

It's an 02. I was really hoping you wouldn't say that, I just replaced a $140 caliper now this. AHHHHHHHH :aargh:

But anyways how can I tell if it has been worn too thin?

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